Thursday, December 23, 2010


I'm tempted to start this post with an apology. However, in an attempt to recognize the coming and going of seasons, of times of rest and times of busyness, some that keep me writing just to stay awake and some that lend no time to even think and process life, let alone write about it... I'm going to leave that part off. After all, the beauty of this is that its not a rigid assignment, its a matter of the heart... an expression. So there aren't rules, it can be as it is, whether this is my first post of thousands to come, or my last. So hello. I've missed the beauty of writing to you. I would love to think that this new and exciting season is one that will allow the cultivation of the intimate joy that I too often find in words.

Since last time, a semester has come and gone and a lot has happened. I'd love to give you the highlights, and maybe, just maybe, now that my academic career as a student has come to an end (a definite highlight from the past four months) I can begin a faithful processing of it piece by piece... and invite you along for the ride.

for now, here are the highlights.

A new job. After returning from working my fourth (and I'll spare the suspense, my final) summer of camp, I returned to another semester of school and working part time at Bath and Body Works. I could write a book about my three year experience at that dang store, that I consistently loved and hated all at once. Well the moment my four wheels hit Fort Worth city limits I was stressed about my looming graduation that would no doubt usher in a new and hopefully "adult" season. Two questions overwhelmed me. The question of where I would work, and the question of where I would live. The Lord was so faithful to provide and you will hear me screaming from the mountaintop that is this blog over and over again that I LOVE MY JOB. An opportunity opened up in the office of the church I had been attending for two years. My flesh pleaded, but I thought, "This is too much... too good to be true." I went before the Lord, prayed for his leading, and followed in obedience (though there were times of doubt, of confusion, of confidence, of fear, of excitement, and of pretty much every other emotion you can think of). I interviewed and within two weeks was offered a job on staff at 121 Community Church in Grapevine, TX. And so my time at Bath and Body came to a precious end in September. I am so thankful for the refining that took place as the Lord developed in me a heart and a deep compassion for the women there. I messed up a lot. I missed a lot of opportunities. But I believe the Lord purposed that time and used it for his glory, and that will always be my prayer. And now the Lord is blessing me and challenging me in new ways, ways that are new and scary and exciting... He knows exactly what I need.

Calling Texas home. And so with the coming of this job, I knew that I would stay in Texas. Jordan and I decided that we would look for an apartment together since her lease would be up in January and on our first day out apartment shopping we found an amazing place... and an amazing deal on said amazing place! We made plans to move the day after graduation and the countdown to Belterra, the new apt complex, began!

Becoming a Master. First of all, totally a joke. It still doesn't seem like I'm old enough, or "adult" enough to have a Masters degree, but I have it... in all its glory. The Lord blessed me with a less stressful semester in school, which was good considering the new job. I finished some basic classes and completed an internship as part of my required field experience. This internship was a huge blessing... possibly a highlight in itself. In August, I began working at 121 with the Student Ministry, specifically with girls, both leaders and students, as an intern. I did a number of things throughout the semester including planning and implementing a girls event, meeting with sweet girls one on one and engaging in the process of leadership development with some junior high small group leaders. I had found my sweet spot, using my gifts of administration in the office and then engaging in ministry to girls, a clear passion the Lord has given me.

And then, on December 10, 2010, I walked across that stage and took from the hands of Paige Patterson himself, my degree. Crazy to think about even now, but I am so grateful for the process, the journey, the sanctification.

And so here I am, 24, a resident of Fort Worth, TX. I'm on staff at 121 Community Church and I commute in rush hour traffic everyday, like a real adult. You know, I'm not sure how long I will be where I am, at this job, in this city, in this stage of life. But I know without a doubt that I am completely content.

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